Rescuers Registry

A Rescuers Database Registry of accredited trainees who are willing to provide help in case of cardiac arrest until the arrival of the specialized emergency services.

The rescuers registry is created, supported and operated in collaboration with Human Resuscitation Organization

Human Resus

Arab Rescuers Registry Committee

Ayachi Ilahi

Dr. Ayachi Ilahi

Emergency Medicine Physician
Sahloul Sousse Hospital

Ibrahim Ahmed Dofani

Dr. Ibrahim Ahmed Dofani

Information Manager
Libyan Red Crescent
Libyan Emergency Medicine Association

Latifa Mohamed

Dr. Latifa Mohamed

Junior Clinical Fellow in Critical Care
Royal Care International Hospital

Mohamed Saltah

Dr. Mohamed Saltah

Cardiology and Angiology Fellow
Nasser Institute Hospital
European Resuscitation Council Instructor and Course Director

Mohammed Kurmino

Dr. Mohammed Kurmino

Junior Medical Officer
European Resuscitation Council Instructor

Proud participating societies in the Arab Resuscitation Council rescuer's registry